What Is The Darkest Legal Tint For Windows?

How dark you can make your window tint varies depending on the state. Across the US each state has its own laws. These range from 20% to 70% and it is important that you check your local state laws.

Generally, most states will allow at least 35% for the windshield and the front side windows. Typically the rear side windows of the vehicle are allowed to be tinted darker. Some states allow for a 15% to 20% tint on the rear side windows.

Always make sure to check your local state laws and regulations when thinking about getting your vehicle windows tinted. Having windows that are tinted darker than the legal limit can result in, fines or a forced removal of the tint.

For your own safety the darker the window tint the less visible light is being transmitted. This can result in reduced visibility. However, adding a window tint to your car could give it the final touch it needs. To find our more about our window tint services click here

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