Vehicle Wrapping

Take your ride to the next level...


Premium Filmz uses the highest quality vinyl from the best suppliers around the world.  We can completely or partially change the color of your vehicle for a totally new and refreshed look and as an added benefit the wrap covers and protects the vehicle's original paint work.

Stone chips, scratches and everyday wear and tear no longer apply. With a wrap, any section of the car is easily replaced as desired. A full color change wrap will take a full working week.

Make your vehicle

Many car enthusiasts prefer to wrap their cars in vinyl film instead of repainting it, for multiple reasons. What vinyl film wrapping realty means is:

  • Giving your car a new life.
  • Protection of the original car paint from any physical damage.
  •   It looks like paint, shines like paint, but unlike paint - it’s reversible
  • Modern materials and latest installation technologies cause no damage to the paint during the installation process of a vinyl wrap on a vehicle or during its removal.

In addition to a wide range of colors, we also offer a variety of finishes from: glossy, matt, rough, sparkling, chrome-plated. Our vinyl wrap will give your car a unique and catchy look, while meeting your personal needs and preferences.

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