Chrome Delete- What Does It Do?

Chrome delete is perfect for those that are looking to take their vehicle to the next level and give it a sportier or modern look. Chrome delete is the process of removing/covering the chrome exterior trims commonly found on vehicles. The result is a more streamlined and uniform look.

The process for chrome delete varies, here at Premium Filmz we use vinyl to wrap the chrome trims and black out the vehicle. Chrome delete can also be achieved by painting the chrome.

The most common places for chrome delete to be applied are the windows, door handles, and grille. Other areas of the vehicle can also be blacked out. Chrome delete is a popular customization for many car enthusiasts. It gives your vehicle a sleek and uniform look.

Premium Filmz (located in Randleman, NC) can take your car and black it out with our high quality vinyls. Message us here today to find out what we can do for your vehicle.

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