Wrap vs Paint – Which is cheaper?

Wrap vs paint, which is the correct answer? When looking to get your vehicle done these reasons might sway you into getting a wrap vs the traditional paint.

Generally, wrapping your car is less expensive than having it painted. Depending on the complexity of the design you are typically going to save money on a wrap. It also takes less time to get your car wrapped than painted, giving you a faster turn around on your purchase.

Not sure you will like how your car will look once it is finished? Painting your car will be a more permanent change than a wrap. While high quality wraps are built to last years, it is still a less permanent option. The wrap will also protect the original paint on the car. Meaning you will have a protected coat of paint under the wrap for whenever it needs to come off or if you are ready for a change.

The wrap will also work as a protective layer for the vehicle. This will help preserve the value of your car over time. Do keep in mind, wraps are not permanent. They will need to be replaced eventually.

If you are interested in having your car wrapped reach out to us here at Premium Filmz, want to learn more about our wraps? Read more here.

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